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Alliance Casting and Engineering Allaince Casting fabrications

Alliance Castings is ISO 9001-2000 certified Foundry specialising in Non Ferrous Sand and Gravity Die Casting with full in house machining capability.

Alliance Castings services a number of different industries; Automotive, Defence, Mining, Marine and Heavy Industry right through to Municipalities and Artists.

Sand Casting

  • Alliance Castings moulds using both hard sand and green sand.  Hard sand uses a gas or chemical to catalyse the sand. Green sand uses moisture and allows the mould to be pressed. 

  • Green sand is generally used in smaller production runs, prototypes and where detail such a scripting in plaques in critical. 

  • Hard sand allows us to utilize our efficient higher volume automated machines.

Die Casting

  • Cast iron die blocks are machined to the shape of the required part and allows for repetition without the requirement to dispose of sand thereby making it more cost effective over larger production runs.

Die casting is especially suited for applications where a larger quantity of small to medium sized parts is required with a better surface finish, greater level of detail and dimensional consistency.

Alliance’s engineering ability together with quality systems accreditation enable supply of precision parts to automotive, lighting, and plastic companies. Our unique ability to gravity cast to close tolerance has opened up export markets for specialized components and tooling.


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